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About SWORD™:

SWORD™ Concept is Prepared by R. Ramakrishna as per the measure of wisdom given by God. in the year of 2013. And Registered Trade Mark under class -41.


The 5 phase method formula that underlines “Strengthen your Works Orderly Righteously and the Delight comes within you”. Is called SWORD™ which stands for


Fig: swordTM 5 Phase.


SWORD™ is a strategic integrated quality improvement frame work, which aims to bring Delightnes Within you.

Work Function:

Sword is a central and Integration Process .It integrates all of an organization's systems and processes in to one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives.


Fig : Sword Central & Integral Process

Who should Attend:

From School going Students to Professionals i:e

  • (ix/X/Diploma/BSc/BA/Pharma/ BE/B.Tech/PG(all Branches)
  • Employess who is looking to bring significant cost savings to their organization.
  • Selfstrengthening,Entrepreneurs, Trainers
  • He who wants to shine in the global market and those interested in becoming a SWORD™ certified  with any Discipline.


  1.  You will acquire the abilities and skills to implement Sword concept effectively and economically, learn how to play a key role in a Organisation transformation initiative, and become highly visible to top management as a leader in this area.
  2.  Align and integrate processes within the workforce to achieve strategic goals
  3.  Streamline processes and make them as easy to use and understand as possible. Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology.
  4. To achieve strategic results, identify key action plans and monitor progress.
  5. Develop robust action planning and monitor process.
  6. Learn a fundamental problem-solving tool.
  7. Creative thinking & Decision Making

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